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Thank you for visiting Invite Wellness. My name is Anastasiya, I am a Certified Registered Nurse Practitioner and I will be your primary provider during your time here. My vision is that you have convenient access to care at your fingertips to support you in your wellness journey.

Invite Wellness provides telehealth services utilizing clinical knowledge, and keen insight to develop effective treatment plans for each client. Here, you have access to healthcare when and where it is convenient for you. Life already can be very complicated, let's keep it simple where we can!

-Anastasiya Lyudkevich, CRNP-BC

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How It Works

Invite Wellness LLC is a Direct Pay model health and wellness service space. This means that we do not accept medical insurance including Medicare or Medicaid. This model allows providers more flexibility and options in creating treatment plans for clients that may otherwise be limited by insurance companies. 

Currently, Invite Wellness is able to see virtual clients that are located in Maryland. If you live in Maryland, visiting, or driving through, you can receive clinical services from this space. 

When you are ready to make an appointment, you may call or book online. Once the appointment is booked, you will receive an email notification that confirms your appointment as well as other documents depending on the type of visit. The appointment can be accessed through video on your phone, computer, or tablet and are run through a HIPPA compliant program, assuring your privacy.

The pricing here at Invite Wellness is transparent and listed below each service. Payment is easy to process using a credit or debit card. 

If blood work or other lab testing is required you will be provided with a “lab slip” and can go to your nearest LabCorp. Depending on the type of appointment, prescriptions will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice, or be mailed right to your home. 

If you have additional questions or clarification give us a call at (phone number) or email at InviteWellnessHealth.com. Otherwise, see you soon! 

Services:<br>Acute Virtual Visit

Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment of the following conditions:

+ Work Notes 

+ Rashes/Poison Ivy

Medication Refills

+ Allergies

+ Ear Infections/Swimmers Ear

+ Pink Eye

+ Vaginal Discharge/Itching

+ Tooth Ache/Infection

+ Chronic Migraines 

+ Herpes Simples Virus

+ Cold Sores

+ Urinary Tract Infection

+ Inflamed Acne

+ Muscle Pain/Spasm

+ Sinus Infections  

Transparent Pricing

If you do not see your concern listed, or are unsure of whether your concern qualifies call us at 443-827-9827

*at this time we do not refill narcotics or psychoactive medication

Transparent Pricing

Virtual Visits

Virtual Visit

$ $85
test tubes, chemistry, glass-904546.jpg

Lab's & Diagnostics

Blood work may be necessary for proper treatment. Other times you may just want to get certain levels checked. Either way, getting labs done is super easy- you will receive a “lab slip” in your email which you will be able to take to a LabCorp location of your choice. Super easy and convenient!

CBC & CBP $100

STD Screening $100

Lipid Panel $100

LVitamin D $100

HgA1C $100

General Wellness Panel $100

Extended Access

Extended Access Service is available if you prefer an upgraded membership model for your appointments, labs, refills, and provider access. The following is included in your Extended Access membership:

+ Unlimited Virtual Visits With Provider: Services includes problem visits, medication refills, labs, referrals. 

+ Asynchronistic Visits: Email access to provider with a 24 hours response time. 

+ Phone access to provider including text message during business hours; general questions, address concerns. 

Call 443 827 9827 or Email InviteWellnessHealth@gmail.com 

Extended Access Membership


$ $250


$ $1,250

Supporting You Through Your Weight-loss journey

Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight loss is designed for those that have attempted other forms to lose weight without success. This method of losing weight utilizes the physiological support of medication to aid in finally dropping the pounds that weigh you down.

This program includes an initial consult and intake appointment where we discuss your personal goals and determine the correctness of this program for you.

Once you begin your weight loss journey, your plan will include medication that is mailed directly to your home, monthly labs, and nutritional, and fitness counseling.

Deciding and taking action to better the quality of your life through weight loss is an intimate and personal process, but you certainly don’t need to do it alone. I look forward to working with you.

Transparent Pricing

Medical Weight Loss Plans


$ $145


$ $400


$ $960
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