Out-of-State Consultations

Important Information (Out-of-state Clients)

Please note that our online scheduling is set to the Eastern Time Zone. When booking your appointment, be sure to specify the visit reason as “Out of State Consultation” to ensure accurate scheduling.

Frequently Asked Questions

You are considered an out-of-state client if you are not located in Delaware, Maryland, or West Virginia, the states where we currently provide our services.

This service is ideal if you are seeking a second opinion on your TRT protocol or if you are new to TRT and want to learn more about your options and the therapy itself.

Each consultation session costs $85 and lasts 20 minutes.

  • Second Opinions on TRT Protocols: If you have concerns about your current TRT plan, I offer expert reviews to optimize your treatment.
  • Educational Consultations: Learn about TRT, including its benefits, risks, and what to expect if you’re new to it or considering it as a treatment option.
  • Lab Review and Interpretation: Get detailed explanations of your lab results and understand how they impact your TRT protocol.

All consultations are conducted online, providing you the convenience of accessing professional advice from anywhere.

Please gather any relevant medical records, lab results, and a list of questions or concerns you wish to discuss during your consultation.

Each consultation session costs $85 and lasts 20 minutes.

Ensure to indicate “Out of State Consultation” as the visit reason when booking your appointment. Remember that all appointment times are set in the Eastern Time Zone.

Currently only accepting new clients from Maryland, Delaware, & West Virginia.

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